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If you are trying to run arbitrary code from a Windows .BAT file, the following almost works:

ECHO ZN "%%SYS" DO ^^^^SECURITY HALT | C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin\cache.exe -s C:\InterSystems\Cache\mgr

The limitations are:

  • You have to specify the locations of the Caché or IRIS executable and the \mgr directory with an -s option.
  • One cannot redirect command input from the terminal, so what you run can't be interactive.
  • Quoting for Windows may annoy you.

If you are to store the encrypted identifiers in the database, database block encryption is your answer, but if you need to transmit them securely, before encrypting or hashing something as small as a nine-digit number add some salt. That is add enough random digits or letters to make a brute force attack unfeasible. Since you presumably want to be able to later decode these identifiers, use encryption in your case.

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