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I wrote this a while ago. Just ran on a MacBook Pro Mid 2015, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7.

It computed the first 1000 digits in less than 1 minute, 2000 digits in 5 minute, 3000 digits, in 14 minute, 4000 digits in 32 minute, 5000 digits in 60 minute...

PI    ; SRS 2011-07-18
    ; Compute PI using Plouffe and Bellard algorithm, based upon "C" code
    ; found at <
    ; Digit%20Extraction%20Methods/Plouffe%20and%20Bellard%20v1/pi1_f.c>.
    SET ^PI=-1
    FOR I=0:1:9 JOB C($INCREMENT(^PI))
    SET n=p*9+1
    SET bign=+$TRANSLATE(n+20*$ZLN(10)/$ZLN(2),".","!")
    SET sum=0
    SET a=3 FOR  QUIT:a>(2*bign)  DO  SET a=$$NP(a)
    . SET vmax=+$PIECE($ZLN(2*bign)/$ZLN(a),".")
    . SET av=1 FOR i=1:1:vmax SET av=av*a
    . SET s=0,num=1,den=1,v=0,kq=1,kq2=1
    . FOR k=1:1:bign DO
    . . SET t=k
    . . IF kq'<a FOR  SET t=t\a,v=v-1 IF t#a SET kq=0 QUIT
    . . SET kq=kq+1,num=num*t#av
    . . SET t=2*k-1
    . . DO:kq2'<a 
    . . . IF kq2=a FOR  SET t=t\a,v=v+1 QUIT:t#a
    . . . SET kq2=kq2-a
    . . SET den=den*t#av,kq2=kq2+2
    . . DO:v>0
    . . . SET t=$$IM(den,av),t=t*num#av,t=t*k#av
    . . . FOR i=v+1:1:vmax SET t=t*a#av
    . . . SET s=s+t
    . . . SET:s'<av s=s-av
    . SET t=$$PM(10,n-1,av),s=s*t#av
    . SET sum=sum+(s/av),sum=+("."_$PIECE(sum,".",2))
    SET ^PI(p)=$EXTRACT($PIECE(sum,".",2)_"000000000",1,9)
NP(a)    NEW (a) FOR  SET r=$ORDER(^PRIME(a)) QUIT:r'=""  DO  QUIT:r'=""
    . LOCK ^PRIME 
    . SET r=$ORDER(^PRIME(a)) IF r'="" LOCK  QUIT
    . IF $DATA(^PRIME)=0 SET ^PRIME=3,^PRIME(2)="",^PRIME(3)="" LOCK  QUIT
    . FOR r=^PRIME:2 DO  IF pr SET ^PRIME(r)="" QUIT:r>a
    . . SET pr=1 FOR p=3:2:$ZSQR(r) IF r#p=0 SET pr=0 QUIT
    . SET ^PRIME=r
    . LOCK
    QUIT r
IM(x,y)    NEW (x,y)
    SET u=x,v=y,c=1,a=0
    FOR  SET q=v\u,t=c,c=a-(q*c),a=t,t=u,u=v-(q*u),v=t QUIT:u=0
    SET a=a#y
    SET:a<0 a=a+y
    QUIT a
PM(a,b,m)    NEW (a,b,m)
    SET r=1,aa=a
    FOR  SET:b#2 r=r*aa#m SET b=b\2 QUIT:b=0  SET aa=aa*aa#m
    QUIT r

In most recent versions of Caché, we install a directory dev/cache/callout/demo. This contains demonstration code  for writing $ZF() functions. One of the examples is tzchange(), and it works by setting a environment variable in the current process, and it should be easy enough to adapt to your needs. Start by reading czf.pdf.

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