Scott Roth · Oct 8, 2018

Backing up/Exporting created Roles

I have created some roles, and would like to know if there is a way to export the Roles and save them off to a file? I want to create a backup file of these roles for DR purpose, and in case I ever get hit by the preverbal bus.


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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See also using the ^SECURITY utility (for manual export vs. programmatic which is possible via the Security package classes API).

For example:

1) User setup
2) Role setup
3) Service setup
4) Resource setup
5) Application setup
6) Auditing setup
7) Domain setup
8) SSL configuration setup
9) Mobile phone service provider setup
10) OpenAM Identity Services setup
11) Encryption key setup
12) System parameter setup
13) X509 User setup
15) Exit
Option? 2
1) Create role
2) Edit role
3) List roles
4) Detailed list roles
5) Delete role
6) Export roles
7) Import roles
8) Exit
Option? 6
Export which roles? * =>