jennifer mccallum · Aug 4, 2021

Azure Mirroring - VIP

Has anyone firstly got VIP working for mirroring in Azure?  We are pretty sure that this won't work but I wanted to verify it.

Has anyone used the Azure Load balancer to act as a Virtual IP and if so was a application gateway required.

Interested to know your experiences in getting this working.

Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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Hello, I have setup IRIS mirror in AWS using Elastic Container Service / Fargate. I did not utilize a load balancer for mirror setup.

I was planning to write an article about this topic in current tech article contest. I will get started on it today.

Hello Jennifer,

While ISC docs are down currently, here's a web archive link to the section that discusses VIPs in the cloud:

"Typically, a VIP cannot be used in cloud environments. For a review of the options for configuring application redirection following failover in a cloud environment by an InterSystems Principal Technology Architect, please see Database Mirroring without a Virtual IP Address on InterSystems Developer Community."

Here are links to that and another potentially useful article on the community.


We are currently utilising the Azure basic load balancer to act as a vip in Azure for both our IRIS 2020 mirrors. 

Did you managed to get this working?  

Hello, I want to post update that InterSystems told me they did not support mirror with AWS Fargate because mirror requires static ip. I wanted to use containers running on Fargate serverless which will change ip each time a new container starts.