· Aug 26, 2016

Authenticate User from Java application using JDBC

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to authenticate a user(Health Share clinician) from a Java Application. 

I 'm already connected to Caché and able to run SQL commands.

My question is: How can I authenticate a user using only SQL? In fact, what I want is verify if the users exists in the base and if the given password is the same used in Health Share.

There is a column 'password' in Security.users table but I'm not able to see its content, even so, I don't know which hash function to use to compare with.

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I did not show how you made connection to the Caché, and looks like, your Java application has hardcoded login password which used to connect to server. 

so, I may only suggest, that you use code like this

Class.forName ("com.intersys.jdbc.CacheDriver").newInstance();
CacheDataSource ds = new CacheDataSource();
Connection dbconn = ds.getConnection("_SYSTEM","SYS");

Last string is Caché login password, so you should use here user's login and password. Any works from your application should be with user's login.