· Feb 14

Athena IDX IRIS Tables or technical Guide?

Good Morning All!

We would like to add our custom reporting with the IRIS database which is running on IDX at client server. Would need a technical documents which allow us to review the tables and its definitions. I tried to install ODBC but it not showing the schema of all tables.

Please suggest where from I can get the technical guide with schema information for next steps.

Laxmi Lal Menaria

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The Athena IDX data is mapped/described by class definitions.  Documatic would be a good place to start.  The class definitions come with a rich set of meta-data including

  • proper Foreign Key declarations to assist in describing the relationships between tables
  • Example Class queries/SQL Procs which can be referenced as examples to join tables as well as other special cases.
  • A number of SQLProces to facilitate more complex joins such as the ones founding MCA_Enrollment.

Many of the tables support bitmap indices.