David Crawford · Dec 20, 2017

Atelier Evaluation Sandbox?

Hello everyone, I work for a company that currently uses Studio on version 2016.1.2, and will be looking at options to upgrade to 2016.2 and beyond. This would also include the potential to switch from Studio to Atelier, however there are a lot of workflow changes and new features to test.

Does Atelier have a simple way to evaluate what it has to offer without needing to setup an entire separate environment? How did your organization demo its features before committing?

Thank you! yes

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2016.2 supports Atelier, so you need to either install new 2016.2 instance or update to 2016.2.

Install atelier by following these instructions.

UPD. Sandbox means you only need sample data? You can install new 2016.2 instance. It takes 10 minutes tops.

The way to test out Atelier is to install Eclipse and download the Atelier plug-in. Then you can connect that to any 2016.2+ instance. As Eduard mentioned you can do that by following the instructions here:

If you want to learn more about Atelier without installing, there are a number of InterSystems docs where you can read about the new development environment.

The Atelier documentation has a lot of information on getting started:

The Atelier release notes outlining bug fixes and new features can be found here:

The Caché documentation has a number of sections that mention Atelier, such as:

There is also an Atelier playlist on the InterSystems Developer Community YouTube channel with a mix of introductory and more advanced/targeted videos: