John Murray · Mar 14, 2016

Atelier equivalent of Studio add-ins?

In response to a comment on his posting about source control hooks and Atelier Bill McCormick used the example of Studio's SOAP Wizard and talked about providing more information about how Atelier will support this kind of extension.

 My Atelier (1.0.116) has a Tools menu with an Add-Ins option and a "Soap Wizard" (sic) submenu.

Is there any information available to us yet about how we can add our own add-ins of this kind?

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We are working on some infrastructure that will allow existing add-ins and templates to be called from Atelier. I just saw a demo today. Just keep updating :)

I updated to 1.0.123 today and things are starting to function in this area. I understand it's a work-in-progress, but I'm glad to start testing it.

The Tools menu now offers two options, "Add-Ins" and "Templates". Both lead to a dialog titled "AddIn Template Wizard". First wizard page asks me to choose which connection to use. Second page has subtrees titled "Recently Used", "Custom Used" and "Stanard Add-Ins" (sic).

"Stanard Add-Ins" lists the same entries as I get from the equivalent Studio dialog, which is cool!

Some of my own add-ins that appear in this list seem to work without requiring any changes - also cool!

I have one that fails in Atelier but works in Studio, so I've opened a WRC ticket.

Keep up the good work.

Shhhhhh John.. those are secrets :)


Yes this is creeping in though we know we have a few problems.


Don't give away my other secret.

The mechanism is broadly similar to that which is used by Studio. When you invoke the Add-Ins menu item, Atelier issues this query by doing a post to with this body

{"query": "call %CSP.StudioTemplateMgr_Templates('addin')"}

This returns the JSON which enumerates those templates of type 'addin' which are available.

If you create a user template then the menu item should show up for your custom template. 

(see documentation /csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=GSTD_Templates

/csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=GSTD_Templates, section 'Making Your Own Studio Templates')

Thanks for the information Jamie. At the time I posted the question I don't think this level of back-compatible implementation of Studio's existing mechanism was available. I'm pleased to confirm that in the Atelier 1.0 release our existing add-ins "just work". Well done team!