· Feb 27, 2018

Atelier crash


I'm getting this crash in Atelier - does anyone know a fix?

      S ^PS("dbdata")=dbdata
            For item=1:1:$listlength(dbdata) {
                Set range=$list(dbdata,item),%end=$list(range,2)
                If %end'="" {
                    If $Extract(%end,*)=$Char(1) {
                        #; This is used for routine mappings
                        Set @("%end="_$Extract(%end,1,*-1)_"_$Char(1)")
                    } Else {
                      S ^PS("i")=item
                        Set @("%end="_%end)

FHIRGATEWAY>s dbdata=^PS("dbdata")

FHIRGATEWAY>s range=$list(dbdata,3)


FHIRGATEWAY>w $list(range,2)
FHIRGATEWAY>s @("x="_$list(range,2))

S @("x="_$LIST(range,2))

It seems as though a comma in the range variable is throwing it?

-- Paul.

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This has been reported and corrected (development code CDS2960). This required a server-side change that appears in 2017.1.3, 2017.1.4 and 2017.2.2. Can you send your Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare version string so that I can confirm you do not already have a version with this fix? You can get that by clicking the About link in the top-left of the System Management Portal.

Its crashing in both these version.  Many Thanks.  Paul.

Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801U) Wed Dec 6 2017 09:23:15 EST [HealthShare Modules:Core:16.0.7253 + Linkage Engine:16.0.7253 + Patient Index:16.0.7253 + Provider Directory:15.0.7253 + Clinical Viewer:16.0.7253 + Active Analytics:16.0.7253]

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801U) Wed Dec 6 2017 09:07:51 EST [HealthShare Modules:Core:16.0.7241 + Linkage Engine:16.0.7241 + Patient Index:16.0.7241 + Provider Directory:15.0.7241 + Clinical Viewer:16.0.7241 + Active Analytics:16.0.7241]