· May 25, 2017

Atelier and Inspector


Cache Studio's inspector window can show me a Cache class's properties,methods parameters, XDATA blocks, Triggers, Foreign Keys, Queries and more, in a table in the Inspector window. Additionally, for properties, where the property accepts parameters, these parameters are listed together with possible value choices.

If my class is a subclass, then, the Inspector can show me the effective list of properties, methods, parameters etc, which I can use as a result of inheritance.

I find this extremely useful, and particularly beneficial to users starting to use Cache for the first time;  when you have a semi-complicated object data model; or, you are starting to inherit from system classes you don't normally use and are not immediately familiar with.

Is there an Atelier equivalent and if not, (but is on the roadmap), when we could expect this ?

Thanks - Steve

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The Studio Inspector will not be implemented as-is in Atelier. However you can still view the same information in Atelier:

To see a class' properties, methods, parameters, etc. you can use the Atelier Outline view. That is shown in the answer to the DC post that Vitaliy linked to: Currently this shows only the members in the current class, not those that come from superclasses. A "Show Inherited" option is planned for an Atelier 1.1 release.


Upcoming 'Show Inherited' feature will definitely be welcome - thanks, and, using ctrl+space to invoke intellisense to get a list of options for class elements such as: indices, properties, methods, XData elements, Foreign Keys, Projections and Queries  does cover a lot of what is apparently missing..

I have not - however, been able to use the ctrl+<space> to list out options for Parameter of a class.

I have not managed to get Atelier to show me the parameters of a property type, (like MAXLEN, etc)

Property Title As %String (MAXLEN = 50, POPSPEC = "Title()") 

This is available in Studio's Inspector window, and is very handy to have: both as users are starting out and can't remember exactly the name of a given property's parameters (VALUELIST, DISPLAYLIST, MAXLEN, etc...), but even and more so I guess, when using custom property types. 

I couldn't find a way of bringing these up.

thanks -