Evgeny Shvarov · Nov 15, 2018

Async mirror server as server for analytics in the cloud

Hi All!

I asked previously about the DR server in the cloud but actually, I'm curious about the backup server to use as analytics server more than for recovery in DR case.

There is a recommended practice to use an async mirror as a server for BI (InterSystems Analytics, DeepSee)

The question is if I have PRIMARY in the cloud (AWS, Google, Azure, etc) "how far" should async mirror member be placed? Same cloud, same private cloud or it doesn't matter at all for analytics purposes?

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It only matters that the async node is caught up.

Also you need to use SSL.

It all depends on connectivity (bandwidth and lag).

Thanks, Ed! 

So that means if you have enough bandwidth and not an awful lag you can place your async mirror even in another cloud.

Do we have any minimum bandwidth and lag requirements?

Can we measure it somehow between two servers before starting the mirroring?

The connection should be able transfer journals faster then they are written.

So it depends on how much your app writes on a primary.

I'd say it easier to just try esp. with a cloud servers. Mirror creation does not take much time.