Evgeny Shvarov · Nov 13, 2018

Disaster recovery server in a cloud

Hi Community!

Consider I have InterSystems IRIS server in a cloud and want to introduce a DR server for it.

Are there any requirements for DR server for InterSystems IRIS if it is in a cloud?

Should it be the same subnet? One private cloud?

Can DR server be placed on another cloud, say Primary on Google Cloud and DR on Azure? Are there any caveats/concerns?

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The key issue in a DR scenario is network performance between the instances.

You will run most likely an Async Mirror to have a reasonable distance between production and DR site.
I wouldn't suppose enough bandwidth for a sync Mirror.

The other issue is the performance of the DR site.  You require enough performance to process all the synchronization within a reasonably short delay. This is often underestimated, Production servers grow and leave their DR site behind.

Not specific to the cloud but not less important: How can you verify that the content of your DR site is really identic to your production.
For a heavy transactional operation, this can be a real tricky exercise.

And last not least if you don't train your team for a disaster situation and verify your instructions step by step at least once a year all your investment could be wasted money.

Especially this last point is skipped quite often as it means in most cases a lot of effort with no immediate ROI.

Thanks, Robert!

I realized now that DR site should be in another cloud and on a distance because of the purpose.

DR is being implemented as ASYNC Mirror in InterSystems and I think the network performance/bandwidth is the key.

All you mentioned here is fair enough, thanks.

And what I realize in the end that network bandwidth requirements totally depends on the transactions load of the PRIMARY.

The hardware requirements of DR site is an easier thing - DR site can have the same configuration as PRIMARY.

Hi, there are several posts by Mark Bolinsky on cloud architectures including DR. Probably simplest to search for his name and browse through the articles for a good overview.