· Jan 15, 2018

Access to the InterSystems Class Database with the Atelier IDE?

How can I access the InterSystems Class Database with the Atelier IDE?

Say I want access to the Samples database and Namespace?

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Ok, I realize I am not being clear, often I say things before I think them through.

When I being up I/S documentation, I can select the Class Reference option.

From Studio I can look up classes that are in the Class Reference Option.

I tried to do the same thing in Atelier, and was unable to find the command to browse through all the Classes I see in the Class Reference Option. That, is what I am trying to do. I hope that is clear.

You can also see this information in the Atelier Documentation view as you are moving focus within a class. If you do not see this view you can launch it by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Atelier > Atelier Documentation > Open.

For example, I opened Sample.Person on my local Atelier client, selected the tab at the bottom for Atelier Documentation, then clicked on "%Populate" in the list of superclasses. Now I can see this in the Atelier Documentation view:

OK, you look for something different than I understood.

The CLASS REFERENCE to DocBook seems to be not directly available as in Studio.
Just by external  access to Documentation ....

Part of it is found if you have an class in your editor and move your cursor over a class name
then you get a volatile class description that you can nail down by clicking or <F2>

Its's pretty similar to the DocBook version EXCEPT that you have no further references (e.g. Data Types or %Status or  ...)
So it's not a multi level navigation like in browser!

For illustration I have done this for %Persitent.  For %Populate, %XML.Adaptor you have do again and again.