· Dec 16, 2016

2017.1 Field test Windows installation problem

Does anybody else have problems installing the  Caché 2017.1 FT for Win_x64?

I'm getting an error "Unable to execute the required file: The following system error has occurred: The system cannot find the file specified. (2)"

This is happening with the very latest version (build 726) and the previous one ( build 720), whereas the builds before were fine.

I've uninstalled Caché to see whether it was an upgrade vs clean install problem but it makes no difference.

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What version of Windows are you running? I was able to install Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.1 (Build 726U) Thu Dec 8 2016 22:41:57 EST on Windows 7 (Ensemble installation). It was an upgrade from a previous version. It would be worth looking at the Windows event log to see if there were errors in there. If you don't get an answer here quickly, I suggest opening up a WRC issue.

Good morning Wolf,

I tested the 2017.1.726 Caché kit from our "Developer Download" page and, indeed, it is reporting an error during its un-zipping phase.

Using a copy of the same installation kit taken from an internal repository I could go through a normal installation without problems, so it would seem that the issue is limited to the copy made available through the download page.

We have asked for the archive to be replaced, and hopefully a new copy will go online soon.

For completeness, I wanted to mention that the Windows x64 Ensemble 2017.1.726 kit did download and install correctly in my tests.

Edit: let me edit this.. I got an error on the Ensemble kit too, different place. We will ask for that kit too being reviewed.