· Jan 25, 2016 1m read

2016.2 Field Test

I am pleased to announce the field test of Caché and Ensemble 2016.2 -  an exciting new release with improvements on many different fronts.

The entire product team at InterSystems looks forward to your participation in the field test and feedback over the coming months.

Some of the more profound changes in 2016.2 include:

  • Atelier - the new multi-platform IDE for Caché, Ensemble and HealthShare.
  • Introduction of a DOCUMENT data model (extending the reach of our multi-model capabilities)
  • Concurrent management and configuration of many servers

As always, there are a host of scalability and performance improvements, including improvements to the core database, ECP and SQL.  And hundreds of smaller improvements and corrections.

Summary details of these changes can be found HERE.

In the next couple of days, Product Managers will post several updates with greater detail on how you can use the improvements of 2016.2 to improve your Caché and Ensemble based solutions.

You can download the latest field test of 2016.2  HERE.

We all welcome your comments, questions and feedback.

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