Angelo Bruno Braga · Mar 7

What do you like most about InterSystems technology? Choose a topic, prepare your Portuguese and get to work !!!!!

Hi Developers,

We are carefully preparing our first 🏆 InterSystems Technical Article Contests in Portuguese 🏆.

As the contest will be officially launched next week, take advantage of this week to choose your topic or, if you are new to InterSystems technology, take the opportunity to learn a little more about the technology in this period to be able to participate!

Without giving any spoilers ....

In addition to the contest being in Portuguese, there will be several new features both in terms of prizes and in relation to how the contest works.

So get ready and,

Stay tuned!!!! 

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amazing news

That's AMAZING news!! I can't wait for it

Whoever wants to participate, I make myself available to translate from English to Portuguese.

Great initiative Yuri ! 

Members, keep in mind that only new articles will be accepted ! Translated articles that are already published on English/Spanish/Japanese/Chinese communities will not be accepted !

Good luck !!!