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Thanks for this great article @Robert Cemper ! This brings back memories ... I did some benchmark testing as a student on a DEC MicroVAX I in 1987 in VMS (using a VT100 terminal). I didn't work with M at that time yet but our retail business run by older family members started using it in +/-1986 on a PC AT (Micronetics MSM running on top of DOS) with an ISA bus terminal multiplexer card - RS232/422 cables were installed for multiple Falco VT420 terminals. Soon after, our other retail business started using Digital Unix workstations with these VT terminals too. I started programming in M in 1997 using DTM, soon followed by Open M when we grounded our current retail business and now - 26 years later - I'm writing modern apps and api's in JavaScript/ObjectScript using a Caché/IRIS + Node.js back-end running on the same globals structure! I don't think many technologies can stay relevant/on top for that long ... 😉

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