This is still a problem, has there been any movement on this?

I'm not familiar with INSTFREEZE and INSTATHAW, can you describe where those scripts come from?

However, if these are calling into the database and ultimately call the ExternalFreeze and ExternalThaw methods, the permissions for running an ExternalFreeze are more strict than those for running an ExternalThaw, which may be the root of the difference as to why thaw is succeeding and freeze is failing.

Delivered means that the message has been pulled off the queue, but hasn't been fully processed yet. Usually, this is due to a problem somewhere in the processing logic or an unhandled error performed by the component in question causing the component to hang, die, or be stuck in a loop.

The <STORE> error means that the process has run out of allowed memory and failed out.

My guess would be that something is stuck in a loop that sets more and more variables until the <STORE> error is hit, failing out the process and leaving the message stuck in the delivered state. However, you may want to open up a case with the WRC for more detailed analysis, as that is primarily speculation based on the limited data available.

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