Esther Guite · Sep 27, 2018

running intersystems cache workflow using atelier

Has anyone successfully executed s (INTSFREEZE and INSTATHAW) scripts in atelier tool?

We are having issues with FREEZE script whereas Thaw works fine.

Would appreciate any inputs!

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I'm not familiar with INSTFREEZE and INSTATHAW, can you describe where those scripts come from?

However, if these are calling into the database and ultimately call the ExternalFreeze and ExternalThaw methods, the permissions for running an ExternalFreeze are more strict than those for running an ExternalThaw, which may be the root of the difference as to why thaw is succeeding and freeze is failing.

Thanks for providing inputs. Yes agreed, invoking external freeze and external thaw operations to perform suspend and resume system. Thaw operation working as expected , but externalFreeze operation failing, I believe these issue with authentication issue. Is there way to address authentication issue to fix through Cache object script using $ZF(-1) function  or any other option .

OS level authentication we enabled through admin console and got succeeded in the Windows Command prompt execution but same is failing through cache object script code.

@Thomas Granger - Thank you for your response. You said it right! that's exactly the problem with specific permissions for ExternalFreeze..

@John Murray - Thank you for your response and sharing the article. REally appreciate it! will definitely take a look and try that!