I am have a couple of  instances of VA VistA for development that I support for multiple development teams in VA.  The ssh function is to allow users to log into the VistA "interactive menus" interface. I allow ssh as a non root user and part of the .bash_profile I run iris session iris -U db '^ZU'.  this launches the VistA access/verify code login. This has worked with my cache version of a docker image before I upgraded to iris, another version of docker iris (2020) but for some reason this version (2020) is installing different (same dockerfile and docker-compose).  I am afraid to try and re-build the other container for fear this will start happening on that one as well.  

I followed the directions above and was able to get cache 2017 running in docker.  However, the management portal is not responding. 

http://localhost:9092/csp/sys/UtilHome.csp - Just spins, but
http://localhost:9092/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw -  Works and 
http://localhost:9092/csp/sys/gateway_status.cxw =. SUCCESS.

Any suggestions?


docker ps

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE        COMMAND                  CREATED         STATUS         PORTS                                                                                                                                                                   NAMES

fa57f1ae6086   cacheimage  "/ccontainermain -cc…"   9 minutes ago   Up 9 minutes   23/tcp, 4001/tcp, 18001/tcp, 19201/tcp,>22/tcp, :::2222->22/tcp,>1972/tcp, :::9091->1972/tcp,>57772/tcp, :::9092->57772/tcp   cache

run --name=cache --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:57772 -p 2222:22 -v /Users/user/dat:/opt/cache/dat cacheimage