· Oct 25, 2021

Introducing A package repository and monitoring solution

InterSystems Global Summit (or Virtual Summit this year) is traditionally a time of big announcements, and I'm sure our friends from InterSystems have quite a lot of new and exciting things to share with us this year. Here at Banksia Global, we have a big announcement for you as well. Please meet our new website built to make IRIS-based software distribution a breeze:!


ZpmHub was originally built as an internal tool at Banksia Global to make it easier to support our clients. We wanted to have a secure and unified way to distribute our custom IRIS-based software, including both interoperability and user-facing applications, and make it easy for us to review the status of our client's servers. We then realised that this project can be beneficial to a wide range of InterSystems technology users, and decided to offer it on a SaaS basis to everyone. 

With ZpmHub you instantly get a private repository for your packages and a nice overview of all your deployments, all with a power of an open-source ZPM package manager and standard IRIS task scheduling and monitoring tools.


Please head to the Virtual Summit's Partner Spotlight and find my video for Banksia Global where I do a step-by-step demo of the existing functionality. Once Summit is over, I'll publish the video on this page. Then go to and give it a try!

I'll be very interested to hear your feedback and ideas for ZpmHub's features! This is just a start, soon there will be 2 new features (Audit to see the history of packages and environments, and Analytics to keep an eye on server and application health) followed by a commercial packages support (to restrict access to particular packages, with an ability to sell them instantly from ZpmHub itself or using your usual payment workflow) by the next Global Summit in June next year.

I'm very excited about this project and I hope you will find it useful!

=Sergei Shutov
Banksia Global
Professional Services for InterSystems Technologies

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