override css of deepsee

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Hello all, 
Can someone please tell me what will be the steps if I want to override css of deepsee dashboard widgets?
Or if it's even possible.
Thanks a lot.


Hi, Razvan!

Do you want to alter just css? Or do you want to have a completely different view of the widgets? 

I want to alter css, if it's possible.

If it's not, I should use a different view of the widgets.

My project is like this: I created some dashboards in DeepSee and I import them with a URL in .NET. The default dashboards widgets are not looking so nice.

Razvan, you can try to play with DeepSeeWeb. It renders same DeepSee dashboards in Highcharts and other UI libraries with Angular.

And it needs MDX2JSON to be installed to make it work.

Here is a video demo on how it works.



Thank you. Unfortunately it does not help me, because it's not supporting KPI. :(

DSW already supports KPI almost in all cases. Have you tried? 

I've tried to load different dashboards using kpi from the samples namespace, like: "KPIs & Plugins/Demo Filter Interoperability", "KPIs & Plugins/MDX Based KPI" or "KPIs & Plugins/SQL Based KPI" and it displays the loading animation indefinitely.
I'm using the DeepSeeWeb v2.1.5

Hello Razvan,


You can solve this by using widget themes:


Or you can specify a user scheme by setting the URL-parameter SCHEME: http://localhost:57772/csp/user/_DeepSee.UserPortal.DashboardViewer.zen?DASHBOARD=test/New%20Dashboa rd.dashboard&SCHEME=myscheme and creating the files skin_myscheme.js and skin_myscheme.css in the broker directory.

You can check the other skin_* files to see how they are structured.

Best regards,