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The way I've done this before was to create a JDBC Gateway Connection. And I had to add a business service to the production for a Java Gateway Service. This needed to be in place in order for my JDBC connection to actually work.

Prior to any transformation of an OBX field run your code For Each of the OBX. Then write your If = "Negative" statement. Instead of writing to remove anything just leave the immediate action blank and add your OBX transformation logic in the ELSE section. This will skip that segment when it meets the condition of your IF and you can always just renumber the OBX-1. Without knowing more, I'd do something like: 

Thanks, that fed me results quickly.  What is this doing?  I'm familiar with PAGESIZE as it relates to number of rows returned.  I've noticed nodes now that say to display x more.  So is this returning first 100, top 100, or something different? 

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