Leon Wilson · Sep 4, 2019

Removing a duplicate OBX from a DTL / HL7 Result

Hi Community,

I am trying to remove a duplicate OBX from a result, but I am running into some issues. Let me explain.

First I had a OBX where the observation Value had the blood type in it and the following OBX had the result in it.

The clients wants the blood type and the result in one field. therefore I merged / concatenated the observation values of the two OBX's.

I tried removing the OBX:2 but just cant take the whole segment out. 

please see examples below

This is the result.


This is the concatenation of the two OBX's

Trying to remove the Negative OBX / Result in the Observation value






Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Here is an additional thought. I know that the results wont always come in the same, some might be positive. My objective is the removal of the OBX if this makes sense to anyone. However this is all test results.. this is NOT Live.

Prior to any transformation of an OBX field run your code For Each of the OBX. Then write your If = "Negative" statement. Instead of writing to remove anything just leave the immediate action blank and add your OBX transformation logic in the ELSE section. This will skip that segment when it meets the condition of your IF and you can always just renumber the OBX-1. Without knowing more, I'd do something like: 

Thanks Paul, I will give it a try and will update the post.. Once more thanks

My guess is that after the remove you're again writing something to OBX(2). Even before you did the remove OBX(2) is marked with a "*", which means that it got changed. And after the remove field-1 still contains the value 2 (this is probably what you're setting later).