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I'm no particular fan of this aspect of the language, but changing it as an "option" (by namespace?, routine?) would be a nightmare for maintenance. :-) Only recently fell foul of it with code like: IF type="X"!type="Y" ... that can never be true.

You could argue that it is at least very simple to understand. Just one rule to remember - left to right, except for brackets - rather than a precedence order for every single operation you might use!

Hi. Awful long time since I looked at that tool, but Michel is probably right: it's to do with how the lines are defined.  I have a vague memory that "multiline" was actually provided as an array, not one string with delimiters. And the simple top of the array had a line count, e.g.


remarks(1)="first line"

remarks(2)="last line"

But I could be wrong.  :-)  Try the help on that "options" field.  / Mike

(The CSV in an email was easiest for the target audience at the time. If I did it again, I'd probably look at storing the results in a class and using ODBC to pull the information into Excel. Pretty much as Marcio suggested in his post. But that would have needed firewalls opening up, and complex security for the server involved.)

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