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After many years of development and support I've become wary of one-line requests. 🤔 I wonder why you need this (Five whys - Wikipedia). For example, if you are trying to debug a mysterious state in a background job then maybe you just need "D LOG^%ETN" to store the variables in the error log. Or, at least you could look in there for ways to use $ORDER and $QUERY  to scan local variables without involving ^SPOOL (or, as we once did, opening a file to ZW to, closing, and then reading it back).

Hi. It's been a long time since I dealt with this, but when I was trying to get a stats extract to run once a day I used ADAPTER = "Ens.InboundAdapter" (with some custom params for which operation to send to and an email address) and in the production set up a schedule as described above to define a run for a few minutes each day, but then defined CallInterval as 999999. Thus it ran once at start of interval, and not again. I don't know if it was the best solution, but it seemed to work and kept the schedule visible in the production should we need to change it. The service just did queries on the cache database, but you could use a SQL adapter to query other databases.

update - just found that I actually used that same trick for middle of the night SQL extractions (mass update of medical instrument reference data).

and looking back at the original question: the answer is that in the ideal solution (not always the best) things should not "magically" appear in the middle of a BPL, there should be a service starting from the left sending stuff to the right in a visible path, even when the input is from "inside" the system. So here you might need that SQL adapter reading rows and sending a message per row. (Though the solution might get a lot more complex, I know mine did, with special message objects, streams and stored procedures!)

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