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Hi. Label printers are a pain. :-) In the application I worked on, the printing was originally to matrix/line printers via a "driver" that knew the escape codes to use. But then along came the "thermal" printers using things like ZPL, and squeezing that into a line by line driver was not easy. Had to keep track of a virtual print head "position".

Using a tool to build a template and just providing the field data from IRIS sounds like a much easier route. I think you can save templates in the printer memory, if you don't want to store the text in IRIS.

If you do want to build the printer commands yourself, I recommend hiding them behind a class that stores a virtual label, and have methods to add the commands that take sensible inputs like x and y in mm (or inches), rotation in degrees, font in points, etc. Then internal functions can convert to dots, replace special characters, work out font to use, etc. And then have a final "print" method that writes the whole set of label commands out.

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When we've had license problems in the past, the WRC have supplied us with a routine that watches for the limit warnings and then does a one-off dump of what processes are running for later investigation. We also wrote our own code to do a snapshot of license usage to a file, which is called by the Caché task manager at regular intervals so that we can analyze license usage over time. Helps when trying to see if the site needs more, or sometimes less, licenses. There's nothing like a good graph to prove your point. :-)

I'm no particular fan of this aspect of the language, but changing it as an "option" (by namespace?, routine?) would be a nightmare for maintenance. :-) Only recently fell foul of it with code like: IF type="X"!type="Y" ... that can never be true.

You could argue that it is at least very simple to understand. Just one rule to remember - left to right, except for brackets - rather than a precedence order for every single operation you might use!

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