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Thanks for the response. I'd love to move them to IRIS, but at the moment we are struggling to even get them from v 2007 to 2018, so we are stuck on cache for now.

It looks like you are confirming my thoughts. The FHIR data is complex and unpacking will be hard. Good point though about only needing classes for each data type.

I'll have to take it to the supplier of the other end of our link. This is a one-off custom feed that will only ever be used once, so we can define it in whatever way is easiest to both ends. My end is "legacy" but maybe the other end will want to use the FHIR standard as it could need it for other links.

Hi. Not entirely sure what you mean, but I usually write a noddy test routine to clear variables, set up objects and properties, run methods, display, compare results, etc. Have it open in Studio alongside the classes being edited. Then call from terminal. Note that to save typing <ctrl>P can be used to get the previous entries at the command line (and <ctrl>N for next) and allow editing. Alternatively, for repeated test cases I often just copy and paste code from Word or OneNote. / Mike

Hi. You say the codebase is over 30 years old. Well, I have a solution from 1991...

The PAS system I (still) work on has some standard search and display ("code list") software that has to return all codes "starting with", but it's not pretty. As the starting point for the $O() it does this:

	; Return a string immediately preceding input in collating sequence (returns null if input is null)
	; ABC becomes ABB||, -1 becomes -1.0000000001, -.1 becomes .1000000001, 0 becomes -.0000000001, .1 becomes .0999999999, 1 becomes 0.9999999999
SEED(A)	Q:A="" ""  ; null string
	I '$$NUMERIC(A) S LEN=$L(A),T=$E(A,1,LEN-1)_$C($A($E(A,LEN))-1)_"||" Q T
	Q A-(1E-10)

Since you know your target global only has non-numeric subscripts, you won't need to see the 5 lines of nastiness that is the NUMERIC call. :-) The end of your SEED=$O(@CLGREF@(SEED)) is either the usual "", or ZIN'=$E(SEED,1,$L(ZIN))  (again ignoring the horrible code dealing with numeric values).

Apologies for the ancient coding style (not mine, but I wrote similar back then).  / Mike

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