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Hi. If you mean the ODBC driver, then it gets installed when you install Cache. So, any Cache install file for that version has it. I don't know if you can select to only install the driver and nothing else as I always want the full lot on my PC.

(... just tried and a "custom" setup allows you to remove everything but the ODBC driver, but it's fiddly.)

Have you tried the old trick of running your code inside an execute (X) command? (I sometimes do that for code that only works in non-cache platforms, like DSM, to stop the cache compiler complaining.)

Hi. Interesting topic.

Why did you choose to become a software engineer / developer?

Always had an interest in science and tech growing up. Introduced to programming at school and enjoyed it. When looking for a job, there was a programming one, so I chose it. And never looked back.

How and when did you start to generate a "flow state of mind" during your career?

- Again, always had it, I think. Give me a good programming problem and I can lose hours without noticing.

What are recommend habits inside and outside, during you own time and during your work time, to be focused during you coding session and daily tasks?

- As I'm lucky and it "just happens" I'm not sure I'm a good source of ideas on this. But at work I find it helps to try to stop other things breaking my concentration. So I will "clear the decks": very little in my email in tray (it all goes into "later" or is set up as a task, or done, or deleted) and all big things to do are recorded as tasks, and scheduled, so that I don't have that "I must remember to do x" popping into my head.

The hard part is avoiding interruptions like new emails and chats from colleagues. Sometimes I just don't notice them, though, as I'm in "flow". So the problem is the other way around: missing important, urgent stuff! Best to find/allocate time when I'm not expected to respond quickly. Often I split my day into two: first I'll do all the other stuff like emails, admin, training, meetings, etc. and as a reward, play with code later. :-)

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