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I'm not sure you can directly map from the JSON to response class in 2017. I think in the new Intersystems you can  here do this direct mapping where you add it into your message class how it maps. It's not available in 2017 as far as I'm aware. 

Id go for something like after you have the JSON Object 

set objJson = ##class(%DynamicObject).%FromJSON(response)

Set pResponse = ##class(MyMsg.PartialJson).%New()

set pResponse.ext_customer_id=objJson .ext_customer_id


My scenario has been:

I have a training work I did and it has File adapters for HL7. It needs to look at an IN and an OUT folder. 

To do the work also access is required to put files into the IN folder and the OUT folder. Without rights it is not possible to create these folders or access it in the docker. 

I'll have  a look at extending the dockerfile to do this. 

On reading I get why you may not want to modify a container at the runtime as it's just for getting the community version running on a non production environment (not even any sort of work environment just my own personal pc) making true use of Docker it doesn't particularly matter just as long as folders and files can be created when looking at stuff. 


I see in the digest from this week this link . It sounds to be like what you are trying to do. 

Note this is built in IRIS not Ensemble 2018 so it may need tweaking in order to work in your build , i think it will still import with errors in the code. I don't see any headers that say Iris in it, if there is then change the word in the headers to cache. 

I believe you may encounter issues with the code in the link stating .%ToJSON. I think this may have been introduced in IRIS or at least after our version which was 2017,  there's a chance it is in 2018. You may need to use the method .%WriteJSONStreamFromObject from the %ZEN.Auxiliary.altJSONProvider or typing up manually the JSON string itself to avoid use of ZEN classes. If you look on my profile i asked a question recently of the .%WriteJSONStreamFromObject

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