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I set  

Set httpRequest.Server = "
 Set httpRequest.Port = "8080 

Request from OS          Set status = httpRequest.Post("/collect_patient_information")

from the server side log   

Response - - [25/Feb/2024 10:44:58] "POST /collect_patient_information HTTP/1.1" 200 -

Status on ObjectScript on Response. 

httpRequest: application/json 2@%Library.GlobalBinaryStream status: 0 %«ý!e^zOpen+59^%Net.HttpRequest.1^2!e^zSend+30^%Net.HttpRequest.1^1 e^zPost+1^%Net.HttpRequest.1^1%e^zCollectInfo+20^OBHG.AIR.Main.1^1'e^zGetPatientInfo+2^OBHG.AIR.Main.1^1 e^zOnStart+3^OBHG.AIR.Main.1^1&d^zDebugStub+40^%Debugger.System.1^1d^^^0 statusline: reasonPhrase: StatusReasonPhrase: HTTP request failed with status code: Response:

Something is getting lost between Server  Python and client OS

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