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Deployment of several IRIS instances in ECP architecture - Example

For those that, at some point, need to test what means that of ECP for horizontal escalability (computing power and/or users and processes concurrency), but they're lazy o have no much time to build the environment, configure the server nodes, etc..., I've just published in Open Exchange the app/sample OPNEx-ECP Deployment .

It's a small project, that is available in GitHub  for whoever want to use it. Basically it will allow you to build in your own laptop, in local, 3 InterSystems IRIS instances acting as application servers and 1 instance acting as data server, connected through ECP.

It will also launch a LoadBalancer (using the WebGateway), as a node independent of the other instances, that will be the entry point (via HTTP) to your system and that will be in charge of distributing the requests among the app servers.

With little work you can add your application code and take advantage of the project to test your app in a distributed ECP. App Servers are pre-loaded with other interesting Open Source modules (ZPM, WebTerminal, RestForms2 y Restforms2-ui), plus a small package OPNEx-MModel with some classes and a REST services implemented as an example.

For detailed info, go to Open Exchange or to the repository in GitHub.

Well, hope it helps!

Happy Coding!! 

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