David Little · Oct 31, 2016

Mounting ECP Application Databases Read Only

Hey guys

We have a need to mount remote databases using ECP, but with the Application servers mounting some of the remote databases as Read Only.  The Data servers will keep them R+W as normal.

From what I can gather this isn't possible using a "Mount Read Only" option, it looks like ECP just inherits the Database servers settings.  My reading seems to require roles/access/permissions to enforce Read Only on these remote mounts.  Does anyone have an easy guide/cheat sheet to set up read only ECP Application server read-only mounting using roles/permissions?  Or an alternative method to achieve the same goal (using ECP, we've ruled out shadowing/mirroring for this specific task)


- Dave

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Hi Dave,

You could try editing the database definition on the data server, and assign a custom resource for that database. Then, on the app server, create a resource with the same name (System Administration -> Security -> Resources). You could either make it so that the resource has public R-only permissions for users on the app server, or you could make it so there are no public permissions at all. If there are public read permissions for the resource, all users can read from that database but cannot write to it unless you explicitly assign them to a role with RW permissions on that resource, or if they are assigned to the %All role.