OK settings ae set to compile on save, see screen shot below, I am trying to run forExample.mac routine  but it is not found:

Also to top it all off I cant start a csession now as I am getting a LICENSE LIMIT EXCEEDED message :(

Fig 1: User Settings

Fig 2: Workspace Settings

Fig 3: Terminal window when trying to execute forExample routine:

Hi, Yes its VS Code Version 1.27.2 (1.27.2) and I am using same extension ver 0.3.6.

I  Ive managed to change user Settings for ObjectScript extension as suggested - cos.con.ns="USER" and I have opened a cache session in VS Code Terminal window.

So next question is how do I compile my test.mac in VS Code terminal?

PS I would send an image but I don't know how as the image loader asks for a URL, images are on my desktop and will not load.

Apologioes for these basic set up questions, I have done as you've said but cannot achieve same.

I have created a directory /Desktop/Programmes/COS/ and saved a test.mac script . I have opened Visual studio, selected file - open workspace and navigated to said directory. If I then select Code-Prefernces-Settings I get a different menu in Settings, not User Default Settings  as displayed in your GIF, I cant seem to find a option for CacheObjectScript settings or a  menu resembling yours at all, Id send an image but screenshot is on my desktop and the image loader takes url so not sure how this works! 

Thanks Evgeny,

I have installed the Cache OS plug-in on Visual Studio, but I am not sure what the extension of the file should be (i.e myOSFile.mac) , where I should save it (won't allow to save in my Cache directory) and how to view program output in terminal window running cache?


I have installed the Cube.app but it cant detect my local cache installation, any ideas?

I am using Mac High Sierra.


Thanks, I ve installed the Cube app which looks to provide the Studio tool for Mac OS, although I am having an issue where Cube cant detect my local installation. 

@Dimitry do i need to uninstall my current version of cache to install project cube for Mac OS?