There are Cache versions on the VA anonymous drive.  They usually keep the latest and a few previous versions available.

I actually have a cache-2017., but I am not sure if Intersystems would want me to share it.

Thanks, Ben


This may be far more than you were looking for, but I will share what I did to determine what globals were being accessed in the VA VistA software.

The first step was to convert the routines to the CSV version using the %SyntaxColor class in Cache.  This link shows an example:  The top frame is the routine and the bottom frame is the CSV version of the routine.  If you look at line 9 of both frames you can find the global ^IBA referenced.  In the CSV version it is identified by the COS 12 indicator.  Therefore, to find all the global references in a list of routines just looking for the COS 12 indicators will find them.

This link shows a listing of a group of routines.  The "ns" variable can be changes to look at any routine or set of routines within the system.

Let me know if you would like more information.

Ben Irwin

Thanks to Robert Cemper for the answer.  However, I misunderstood that Robert was saying, but it fixed the issue.

My web service original was the following:

Method RtnReceive(RtnName As %String, RtnLines As %ListOfDataTypes) As %String [ WebMethod ]

At misunderstanding Robert's suggestion I changed the code to the following:

Method RtnReceive(RtnName As %String, RtnLines As %ListOfDataTypes(ELEMENTTYPE="%String", XMLITENAME=RtnLinesItem", XMLNAME="RtnLines")) As %String [ WebMethod ]

I had used the $Extract to limit the line length to 50 to avoid the error, and now with the change I have removed the length limit and all is working.

To see an example of how this is going to be used see the following website:

The pages currently in this link are created on a local machine and SFTP'ed to the server using the Cache SFTP functionality.  Now with the web service functionality, these files can be pushed through the web service without first creating files.  This might work faster; that is the goal.

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