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Do you mean the 'Studio > Debug > Attach to process' option?

If yes, the process must end or you need to detach from it before attaching to another.

In my particular setup this usually means hitting the stop button while I'm over a break or interrupt point because otherwise caché kills the job and I have problems.

I'm not an expert in these concerns. I may be wrong in some point.

Thanks for the point Julius. Maybe removing that big global from the buffer has done the job because one of the problems the old routine had was over-iterating on those nested 'For-orders' and that bad design could be camouflaged by the buffering thing.

Dunno, I'm new to these concerns, but it worked!! :-D

Thank you all for your contributions. With Robert's and Vitaliy's answers I have managed to learn what I needed to solve this problem.

Kind regards :-)

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