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Hi Neerav,

No, I am returning it as a JSON string.

something on the lines of

ClassMethod GetDetails ()
set result = []
&sql(declare a1 cursor for select ID, GName, DOB into :id, :gName, :dob from MyPackage.MyClass)
&sql(open a1)
&sql(fetch a1)
set rec={"rid"(rid)"gName":(gName)"dob":(dob)}
do result.%Push(rec)
// do result.$push(rec) ; for older version of cache
&sql(close a1)
quit result.%ToJSON()
// quit result.$toJSON() ; for older verions}



Hi Neerav,

You could try  This is quite fast and responsive.  I have tested over 10000 records.  It supports bootstrap as well.

Please find some code to get you started.  There are lots of examples in the documentation.


        <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>



<div><table id="tblAbcd"></table></div>

<script language ="javascript" >

     var ret #server(MyPackage.MyClass.GetDetails()#;
     var retJSON JSON.parse(ret);

     var ht=600;

     var pageRows = 50

     var  table = new Tabulator("#tblAbcd", {
          data:retJSON,           //load row data from array
          layout:"fitColumns",      //fit columns to width of table
          responsiveLayout:"hide",  //hide columns that dont fit on the table
          tooltips:true,            //show tool tips on cells
          addRowPos:"top",          //when adding a new row, add it to the top of the table
          history:true,             //allow undo and redo actions on the table
          pagination:"local",       //paginate the data
          paginationSize:pageRows,         //allow 7 rows per page of data
          movableColumns:true,      //allow column order to be changed
          resizableRows:true,       //allow row order to be changed
          initialSort:[             //set the initial sort order of the data
               {column:"gstName", dir:"asc"},
          columns:[                 //define the table columns
              {title:"Id", field:"id",visible:false},
              {title:"Name", field:"gstName", editor:"input", headerFilter:"input",sorter:"text"},
              {title:"DOB", field:"dobDt", editor:"input",headerFilter:"input",sorter:"date"},               




Hope this helps


Hi Peter,

I am not sure if it is appropriate to post my concern here.  Please let me know if I need to move this out this and post separately. 

The reason I posted it here is because similar posts have been redirected to this discussion.   This is wonderful discussion and we ourselves are probably on a similar journey butstill at exploratory stage.  Both you and Eduard seems to have traveled further down this road and you might be able to point me in the proper direction.  Below mentioned is my concern.

Is it mandatory for the application to be rendered using the CSP Server to maintain the CSP Session?

Would it be possible for html and javascript based application can connect to the REST service and maintain the session and the license?

If possible would someone be able post the login code and and the headers or parameters to be passed for the subsequent calls to the REST service. 

I made some trials with the Delegated login and ZAUTHENTICATE (Hardcoded the Username and Password ) for the REST application

I tried  all the below steps (only for the REST web application.  The client web application is not CSP)

  1. All brokers effectively have Parameter UseSession = 1;
  2. REST web application and client web application allow only authenticated (i.e. password) access.
  3. REST web application and client web application have reasonable Session timeout (i.e. 900, 3600).
  4. REST web application and client web application have the same GroupById value.
  5. REST web application and client web application have the same cookie path.

Still each call adds a new session. 


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