Neerav Adam Verma · Dec 12, 2019

Bootstrap Tables & CSP

Hello All,

We need to develop a small csp application which shows data in simple paginated / searchable table for business users. 

It is to be built on an old version of Cache and is not a big full fledged application but something temporary.  We can't use Zen and using  a combination of csp & Bootstrap as bootstrap makes the pages look beautiful with little effort.

I have built the table in boostrap and it works fine with pagination and search working perfectly 

The problem occurs only when we go above 500 records.
The table loads super slowly , pagination and search - All breaks down and all records are displayed on one page.

I am not a master in bootstrap , thus have plan to dig more into bootstrap and look for solutions .


However I was wondering if someone has already faced this problem and resolved it and have some examples.

Any suggestion to alternate approach is also considerable.

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Hi Timothy, do you have any sample code that you can share?

How much data were you loading in your tables

Hi Neerav,

You could try  This is quite fast and responsive.  I have tested over 10000 records.  It supports bootstrap as well.

Please find some code to get you started.  There are lots of examples in the documentation.


        <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>



<div><table id="tblAbcd"></table></div>

<script language ="javascript" >

     var ret #server(MyPackage.MyClass.GetDetails()#;
     var retJSON JSON.parse(ret);

     var ht=600;

     var pageRows = 50

     var  table = new Tabulator("#tblAbcd", {
          data:retJSON,           //load row data from array
          layout:"fitColumns",      //fit columns to width of table
          responsiveLayout:"hide",  //hide columns that dont fit on the table
          tooltips:true,            //show tool tips on cells
          addRowPos:"top",          //when adding a new row, add it to the top of the table
          history:true,             //allow undo and redo actions on the table
          pagination:"local",       //paginate the data
          paginationSize:pageRows,         //allow 7 rows per page of data
          movableColumns:true,      //allow column order to be changed
          resizableRows:true,       //allow row order to be changed
          initialSort:[             //set the initial sort order of the data
               {column:"gstName", dir:"asc"},
          columns:[                 //define the table columns
              {title:"Id", field:"id",visible:false},
              {title:"Name", field:"gstName", editor:"input", headerFilter:"input",sorter:"text"},
              {title:"DOB", field:"dobDt", editor:"input",headerFilter:"input",sorter:"date"},               




Hope this helps


Thanks Anil,

One question before I give this a try

Your method MyPackage.MyClass.GetDetails()
Is this returning a result set with some query eg Select col1, col2 from TAble1

Hi Neerav,

No, I am returning it as a JSON string.

something on the lines of

ClassMethod GetDetails ()
set result = []
&sql(declare a1 cursor for select ID, GName, DOB into :id, :gName, :dob from MyPackage.MyClass)
&sql(open a1)
&sql(fetch a1)
set rec={"rid"(rid)"gName":(gName)"dob":(dob)}
do result.%Push(rec)
// do result.$push(rec) ; for older version of cache
&sql(close a1)
quit result.%ToJSON()
// quit result.$toJSON() ; for older verions}



For bootstrap-table, I think the examples on their site are probably more useful than anything I could dig up. shows pretty good performance for a large dataset. Tabulator looks nice too though.

In any case it would probably be cleanest to load data via REST rather than rendering everything in the page in an HTML table and then using a library to make the table pretty.