@A.R.N. H Hafeel  - are you specifically interested in Caché or are you looking for the latest and greatest and therefore interested in learning InterSystems IRIS?

In the \bin directory is the csystray.exe file.  Run that to get the cube running.  Alternatively, you can use the cube that you do see in your systray and select "Remote System Access" to get to Studio, SMP, etc of your second instance.

Is there a single development server which all developers connect to?  If you are not able to have a fully isolated development environment for each developer then you will end up getting frustrated trying to use client-side source control.

You might want to consider the new server-side Git source control hooks which were recently launched:


This won't solve your issue of working while not on VPN, but it will allow multiple developers to work against the same instance without stepping on each others' toes.  

@Nicola Sartore - what does your organization use for a source control strategy?  if you use server-side source control hooks and you are on at least Cache 2017.1 (or any version of IRIS) then you can mix and match Studio and VS Code as VSCode fully supports server side source control (as well as client side, but if you are a Studio shop then you don't have any client side source control in place)

Lookup Tables are covered by the Source Control hooks in the management portal so they will automatically be added to your uncommitted queue upon check-out so you can include it in a future ItemSet upload.  

See slides 12-14 of ftp://ftp.intersystems.com/isc/customers/ccrtraining/ICC530(Presentation)%20CCR%20Tier%201%20-%20Interoperability%20Components.pdf 

@Stephen Ali - thanks for asking the question (and welcome to the Developer Community!).

Typically detailed questions like this on TrakCare products are worked out directly with InterSystems Support.  Globally we have TrakCare product tuned to regional requirements so it's important to connect with you product specialists from your specific region.  

I suggest you go to https://www.intersystems.com/support-learning/support/ to see how to contact Support and they can help you get this question sorted out.

Just curious - where are you seeing this?  Could you please include a URL?

The InterSystems SSO account is what controls your access to open as well as restricted applications provided by InterSystems to help customers and prospects get stuff done.  If you go to Login.InterSystems.com you can see the various apps available to you (after you sign in).  This would include things like D.C., OEX, Learning, Download, etc for Prospects, and supported customers would also get access to WRC, iService, HS Docs, CCR, etc (depending on what products they have).

Hope that helps - let me know if any additional clarification is needed.