To give you a more specific spot to start with InterSystems IRIS, I would look at either our QuickStarts, which are designed for you to use with our InterSystems Labs sandbox, or one of the cloud providers.  They assume you are a developer and want to do more of the work on your own.  You can also look at our  our Experiences, which provide a bit more guidance and also include fully configured InterSystems Labs that include the data, code, and even IDEs that you might need to get your hands on the technology.

Doug Foster

Manager, Online Education

Good news, we have updated the Direct Access to InterSystems IRIS container to include a terminal link in the management portal.

When you get launch your InterSystems IRIS instance, you will get a set of links to that instance.  Use the Management Portal link and log in with the username/password provided.

Then on the home page of the management portal, you will see a "Terminal" link in the "Links" section.  When you click on that link, you will need to enter the username/password again, but then will be in an interactive terminal session that defaults to the USER namespace.  This is the same as an iris session iris -U USER at the shell, or the "Terminal" menu option in the launcher.

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or request as we want to make it easy to test out and learn InterSystem IRIS functionality.


You have two options in the learning system to report any problems.

1. In the main learning system (learning.intersystems.com), that launches the courses, you can click the "Report Issue/Feedback" button.  This will automatically create a support ticket for the online learning team.  That page/tab should remain open in your browser when you launch a course.

2. You can e-mail us at onlinetraining@intersystems.com, which will also create a support ticket.

For either option, please include the course # or title of the course in question, and as much details as possible, and we will work to clarify any issues or content questions you might have.

Hopefully this helps,

Doug Foster - Manager, Online Learning


1) At this point we do not have an Ensemble Application Developer certification.  But you can take a look at the Learn Ensemble for Developers and System Integrators learning path, which contains links to some of our online training available for Ensemble.

2) Since we do not have a certification program, we do not have practice questions, but many of the interactive courses available in the learning path do have quiz questions to test your knowlege along the way.

We are continuing to evaluate our certification program and will be sure to post here in the community if we add any additional certifications.


You can try the Error Handling in Ensemble video, it has a section on alerts and trapping errors in your Ensemble productions.  We are also working on a more detailed Building HL7 Productions learning path at this time and have more error handling and troubleshooting information in that.  I expect that to launch in the next few weeks and can post back here when it does, but it includes this same video.

Doug Foster - Manager Online Learning