I would like to know if anyone has had some experience in building systems for multiple end-users. 

To keep things simple, in a hypothetical example, say an Event Booking System, where a Venue could sign up to use such a system and define it's Venue, costs, calendars, etc.. and then invite their customers to book the Venue on different days/times. 

If I wish to offer such a system to many Venues, there are a number of options available.

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Interested in testing the Eclipse / Atelier on my Mac with 10.13.6 High Sierra, I installed both and had a go at connecting to my Cache Server. It offers Address & Port and login ID and Password.

No matter what I gave it, it cannot connect, saying Server not found.

The Server is a virtual Server running Windows 12 Server on a dedicated IP address, to which I can connect correctly using Remote Desktop, I can Ping  the IP so all looks good, except Eclipse cannot find it.

Any hints would be appreciated.



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Rosti Zacharias · Sep 22, 2018
Trouble with comparison


Somewhat weird behaviour in testing values in a resulting query.

I have a table where I need to read through a list of data, and apply a charge for matching occurrences. However, only ONE charge for one set of data. I have applied a DISTINCT function to the query, but as I cannot get a completely unique set, the DISTINCT function does not de-duplicate all of the sets.

I have therefore attempted to look for a value that if it repeats for the one data set, I can choose to skip the function that applies the charge.

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There have been similar questions asked before, but a few years ago now. My problem is that when I create an application in plain CSP, a typical link to a page will look like this in the browser..


One user sent back a comment.. 'I'm not using your application as it is un-secure' .. based on the fact that the elements are spelled out in the URL.

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