When I try to send a hl7 message via TCP / IP with SSL certificate, I get the following error:

ERROR <Ens>ErrTCPTerminatedReadTimeoutExpired: Tiempo de espera de lectura TCP (600) superado mientras se esperaba el terminador SegTerminatorAscii=13, on |TCP|35000|6596, datos recibidos =''

I have increased the response time to 10 minutes but still, I do not get to receive the message.

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Hi all!
I need to call an API that has the following characteristics:

  • Content-Type: application / x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Authorization: (with a "Bearer" token)

In the body the information is given through the form data.

I can not find documentation on how to make this call and how to get the answer (JSON).

Could you help with an example?

Thank you

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PILAR GUERRERO · Apr 25, 2018 4m read
DNI functions

Hi everyone!

I want to share four functions with you. I hope that you can use it at some time.

DNI: the initials of the type of national identity document, is composed of different series of numbers and letters. That proves the identity and personal data of the holder, as well as the Spanish nationality. Example: 94494452X

NIE: The NIE or foreigner identity number is a code for foreigners in Spain.

In this page you can generate examples of DNI or NIE https://generadordni.es/

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I need to convert a array (JSON) in a List Of String. I think, there is some method that does it directly.

Something like that:

SAMPLES>set list = ##class(%ListOfDataTypes).$fromJSON("[""a"",""b"",""c""]")

%FromObject+21^%Library.RegisteredObject.1 *%Exception.General Compose Compose %FromObject Unable to map frm %Library.Array instance to %Library.ListOfDataTypes

I have reading about this but I don't found some trick to help me.

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I’m creating a REST API service but I need to convert my object in JSON.

The Class “A” is extended from another Class “B”:

Class message_B Extends Ens.Request

Property ClientId As %String(MAXLEN = "");

Property mesagge As %String(MAXLEN = "");

Class message_A Extends message_B
Property idDate As %String;

Property Datetime As %String;

Property time As %String;


When I use:

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