PILAR GUERRERO · May 3, 2019




When I try to send a hl7 message via TCP / IP with SSL certificate, I get the following error:

ERROR <Ens>ErrTCPTerminatedReadTimeoutExpired: Tiempo de espera de lectura TCP (600) superado mientras se esperaba el terminador SegTerminatorAscii=13, on |TCP|35000|6596, datos recibidos =''



I have increased the response time to 10 minutes but still, I do not get to receive the message.

As I said in the remote system the process of negotiating the SSL certificate takes about 10 minutes and after that the message appears. I think it's too long. Is there any way to see more traces of the SSL certificate negotiation process in Ensemble?


Framing = MLLP

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You might have some luck using wireshark to see if there's anything that stands out in the communication between Ensemble and the remote system?