Hi Stephen

We have several publicly accessible resources to help those who are interested in learning more about FHIR.

Some FHIR related courses on the InterSystems Online Learning System

The InterSystems FHIR® Sandbox currently allows the user to:

  • Experiment with both FHIR DSTU2 and STU3 capabilities
  • See what’s possible by exploring some popular open source and commercial SMART on FHIR applications
  • Access over 200 synthetic test patients to experiment with FHIR or use with their own FHIR applications
  • Upload their own test patient data in CCDA 1.1 or 2.1, SDA or HL7 formats and use with their own FHIR applications
  • Export test patient data in CCDA 1.1 or 2.1 or SDA formats for offline exploration and modification
  • See the latest HealthShare software supporting FHIR in a sample environment
  • Connect with the ISC Developer Community to ask questions, get ideas and share code.
  • Provide InterSystems feedback about our products and what they can do with FHIR

To access the InterSystems FHIR® Sandbox:



For HealthShare: 

The following is from the help document (search FHIR Annotations and select the FHIR Annotations Utility which Craig referred to)

To access the FHIR annotations:

  1. Log in to the Management Portal on your ODS instance.

  2. Select HealthShare.

  3. Select the name of your ODS namespace.

  4. Navigate to Schema Documentation > FHIR Annotations.

The Help Doc provides some additional screen shots and info.

Hi Rand,

We need to update the FHIR Sandbox Help Document with Patient Data Upload instructions.   Here is a draft of the instructions:

To facilitate FHIR Application testing, the FHIR Sandbox User can upload their own test patient data in the following formats: InterSystems SDA, C-CDA 1.1, C-CDA 2.1 and HL7 V2.  This data is then available to the user via their connected FHIR application, in the Browse Test Patients and Browse Test Data functions.   Below are step by step instructions, notes and images that tie to the instructions and notes

Steps to upload test patient data:

  1. Offline prepare a test patient file in one of the following formats: InterSystems SDA, C-CDA 1.1, C-CDA 2.1 and HL7 V2
    1. The example below uses a test patient C-CDA 1.1 generated using the Synthea (TM) generator
  2. From the FHIR Sandbox Main Page (Sandbox Applications) select the Patient Data Upload option from the side menu
  3. Select the format of your pre-pared test patient file: InterSystems SDA, C-CDA 1.1, C-CDA 2.1 and HL7 V2
    1. See Image #1
  4. Drag the file to the "Drop Your File Here" area
  5. The FHIR Sandbox will respond with either a file uploaded successfully message or an error message
    1. See Image #2
  6. If successful, your test patient is available to access in:
    1. Any of the Sandbox Applications (assuming the requisite data is available i.e. pediatric patients need multiple height and weight data points)
    2. Browse Test Patients (See Images #3 & #4)
    3. Browse Test Data (See Image #5)


  • Currently the FHIR Sandbox supports the following formats: InterSystems SDA, C-CDA 1.1, C-CDA 2.1 and HL7 V2.  It does not support uploading test patients using FHIR DSTU2 and FHIR STU3 at this time, but those are planned.
  • Only use test patient data only.  Please don't upload real patient data or any other inappropriate data as outlined in the FHIR Sandbox Terms of Service.
  • Test patients that users upload are only visible to them, and no other FHIR Sandbox users.  These patients are indicated by the label "(private)" on the Browse Test Patients search results page.
  • To find the Patient's Record ID, search using the Browse Test Patients function, and then look at the Test Patient Details page
  • InterSystems will periodically reset the FHIR Sandbox environment and remove any test patients users have uploaded.  Currently this period is set to 30 days, but it can be run at the user level or the environment level on demand (i.e. in the event a user uploaded incorrect data).


Image #1:

Image #2:

Image #3:

Image #4:

Image #5:

Hi Pavan,

A slight change to the comment above:

The InterSystems FHIR Sandbox uses a shared synthetic patient database for all users.  So when you and I are using the FHIR Sandbox, we're viewing and using the same physical data.  This works because the current FHIR Sandbox is read only.

The FHIR Sandbox is different from the Training Classes such as the "RESTful FHIR & Messaging in Health Connect" or found here on the Online Training System, which provides a temporary "container" for each student, to allow them to progress through the class independently.

In the future, we may add the ability for users to add their own synthetic patients to the FHIR Sandbox.  The current thinking is each user would have a private synthetic patient storage area for patients they want to play with, and access to the common synthetic patient storage area (in place now) to use patients InterSystems has loaded.

Please try the FHIR Sandbox, and if you like it or have suggestions please leave a comment under the "Report Issue/Feedback" tab.  Simple FHIR Sandbox Help is also online.


Mike Morrissey

Project Manager, HealthShare & InterSystems FHIR Sandbox