is there any other option to do it in the 2017 version(single-user license from download website) directly? I don't have any service contracts with WRC on this. 

Hi All,

I want to unzip the text files or any format (more than 50) from sFTP in windows server by using Intersystems IRIS. Can you please advise on this. 


Arun Kumar Durairaj. 

Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for your help. 

Even, as per your code that works great. I tried like as below, that's also working. 


ClientMethod BtnClick(DTCOMBOAs %String Language = javascript ]


Thanks again. 

Hi Robert,

I tried the above. But, Still am facing an issue like below. 



Hi Steve/Robert,

I have tried like as below.  But, I'm facing an issue as per below attached image. 

Can anyone correct me on this. 

<dataCombo id="Priority1" name="Priority1" label="Priority1" onmouseover="zenPage.BtnClick();"
sql="Select distinct(PriorityName) from User.Sample"/>

ClientMethod BtnClick() As %String [ Language = javascript ]
    var DTCOMBO=zenPage.getComponentById('Priority1');
    var MyPriority=DTCOMBO.getValue().toString();
    var result=this.BtnClickMe(MyPriority);

ClassMethod BtnClickMe(MyPriority) [ ZenMethod ]
    S %page.%GetComponentById("Priority1").title=MyPriority



Arun Kumar Durairaj. 

Hi Robert,


If I have multiple values in datacombo box using by SQL queries, I should display each values as per my selection of the text. 


Can you please advise on this. 



Thanks for the query 1 new approach and correction of query2 example 2. 


Thanks a ton again. 

I have a doubt on this. If we are changing the telnet port from the System management portal, can we use the telnet feature without using any SSH (Putty )or telnetd services?


Thanks in advance.