yes that seems to be the case. they won't support higher than 2015.2 on VMS and whatever version of VMS Intersystems supports. though as mentioned above somewhere I heard it is on a case by case basis.

oh well

I will and as far as platform...

VMS 8.4-1H1 on itanium rx8640

I did take a test box and upgrade it to VMS 8.4.2L1 and Cache seems to be running fine on it, can't put it into production since it's not supported.

Thanks Erik, I do not know who is on the team since I go through the app vendor for any issues.


thanks now to get the app vendor to support that version, and to figure out what happens if I upgrade VMS!

since it's in that document is it safe to say the recall for it has been lifted/fixed?    and if we did go up in VMS versions would we be out of luck all together for support, or best effort?



the version I am (VSI 8.4-1H1) on supports the higher versions but I was told that Cache only would look at the 1.0 library.  if this is not the case please let me know what i can do to remedy this situation.



I'm trying to do both.   I would love to be able to use TLS in more places than just Studio unfortunately it's not supported on VMS.  it would make life a lot easier if it did.


thanks that's what I was afraid of, anyway to make it fixed!  probably not but worth asking.

thanks again  

this is Studio and not a full Cache install.  on the server it's a constant 56773, as you can see in the screen shot below the source is no where near 1972.  and was hoping someone here could shed some light on this factor.


I wanted to test a Studio connection at first, but it's looking like the port number from my PC changes with every attempt to connect to the database.  in the long run it is to have a connection between 2 instances of Cache being run with Stunnel.