· Nov 6

CSP issue with only one instance on a new machine

We have a machine that serves 4 instances of Cache on VMS systems, one of them is password protected and works fine as they all do. we decided we wanted something beefier and copied it to a server, well all but the one you have to login to works so 3 of the 4 do.  and the odd part is I can no longer get to the management page from anywhere on any machine, http://localhost/csp/bin/Systems/Module.cxw  I get a 404.8 error, I have tried adjusting security and same thing. and a server availability error.

I think it something on the new machine/server that is missing but why only 1 of the 4.  oh and we tried to turn off the authentication required with no success.




Product version: Caché 2015.1
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