Hello Robert,

Yes the gateway on ser-app-w is configured to access server ser-app-db.

It works for the cps and cls files, example:

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/test.csp --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/test.csp

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/test.cls --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/test.cls

But it's not working with a web application link like:

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/docserver/request --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/docserver/request





Hello Robert,

Thank you very much for your fast and really helpfull answer.

My problem is fixed and my day is saved :)

Have a good day.


Thanks for your answer.


You absolutly right.


You cant directly save the request in a variable but you can create a classmethod that execute the query and return the resultset. And then you can save this return in a variable.


Thanks a lot Dmitry that save 10s of page load :)