Thanks Robert. So am I wrapping those two things around my object.%Save()?

Any idea how to tell what the URL should be? Is there a table that lists the Add Ons? A package?

Ensemble production items. I want to know the relationship between processes and production items. 

Is there a better approach than this?

select convert(varchar(20),cast ('19770110' as datetime),101)

If I'm iterating through my dynamic SQL, do I need to clear my variables when I re-use them?

I added the code to work around the <MAXSTRING> error. If I try and transform OBX after my code, the <MAXSTRING> error comes back.

If I perform a transformation on my target before my code step, the code removes my transformation.


<assign value='"F"' property='target.{OBX:ObservationResultStatus}' action='set' />
<annotation>Convert to stream and copy to work around 32k character limitation</annotation>
<![CDATA[ do source.GetFieldStreamRaw(.stream, "OBX:5.5")
  do target.GetFieldStreamRaw(.dummy, "OBX:5.5", .rem)
  do target.StoreFieldStreamRaw(.stream, "OBX:5.5", rem)]]></code>

I can't receive it. I get "Discarding received non-hl7 data (963)"

That did the trick! I thought I had tried that but I think the test interface added more " for some reason.

Thanks for the note on the nullify. These are A04s and A08s from ambulatory, so I wouldn't think PV1-45 would apply.