DTL Condition where field = """"

I have an EMR sending double quotes "" as the value. How do I write criteria to find this match in a DTL?


source.{PV1:DischargeDateTime()}="""" didn't work


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Hi Paul,

Quotes inside quotes need to be escaped, your condition is only looking for one double quote, you will need to try this...


On a side note, quotes sent in HL7 can be used to nullify a value, e.g. if a previous message had sent a discharge date and time by mistake then "" would be a request to delete that value (as apposed to an empty value).


That did the trick! I thought I had tried that but I think the test interface added more " for some reason.

Thanks for the note on the nullify. These are A04s and A08s from ambulatory, so I wouldn't think PV1-45 would apply.