Hi Jeffrey,
I get compile errors with this code.  Granted, I'm very new to using functions in DTLs so I suspect that I'm missing some very basic things that are causing the errors.  Sorry if this is obvious, but it is confusing to me.

Here is what I input:
set            tSSN                                                                  source.{PID:SSNNumberPatient}                               
set            target.{PID:SSNNumberPatient}                  $E(tSSN,1,3)_"-"_$E(tSSN,4,5)_”-“_$E(tSSN,6,9)

And this is the Compile results:

Compilation started on 04/29/2022 18:27:15 with qualifiers 'k'
Compiling class SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization
Compiling routine SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.1
ERROR: SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.cls(Transform+52) #1054: Invalid expression : 'tSC1=target.SetValueAt($E(tSSN,1,3)_"-"_$E(tSSN,4,5)_”-“_$E(tSSN,6,9),"PID:SSNNumberPatient","set","")' : Offset:66 [zTransform+51^SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.1]
 TEXT:         Try { Set tSC1=target.SetValueAt($E(tSSN,1,3)_"-"_$E(tSSN,4,5)_”-“_$E(tSSN,6,9),"PID:SSNNumberPatient","set","") } Catch ex { Set tSC1 = ex.AsStatus() }
ERROR: SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.cls(Transform+65) #1043: QUIT argument not allowed : 'tSCTrans' : Offset:108 [zTransform+64^SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.1]
 TEXT:     If ('tSCTrans) Do ##class(Ens.Util.Log).LogStatus($classname(),"Transform",tSCTrans)  Quit:(''tSC) tSCTrans
ERROR: SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.cls(Transform+67) #1043: QUIT argument not allowed : '}' : Offset:11 [zTransform+66^SANDBOXPKG.JKlahnProduction.JKlahnProduction.EpicADT.Sandbox.ADTTransformCapitalization.1]
 TEXT:     Quit tSC }
Detected 3 errors during compilation in 0.092s.

Thank you for your solution Vitaliy!  I believe that this would go into a class?

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for this code!  Unfortunately I don't have access to Studio right now but once I do I will go your code a go.  Cheers!


Hi Marc, Good morning!  Your code was the 1st I tried and I gotta say... thanks!!!    it did the tricks and there were no compile issues either.  I was looking for something to plug right into the "Value" field.  Have a great day.

Hi Jess,

I am curious what your solution was for the Java incoming/outgoing setup.