Jr Developer attempting to connect to Service with Java and export to Java with Operation

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I am under the impression that inside HealthShare you can Services, Processes, and Operations. The service takes incoming data, the processes can process that data, and then the operations can send that data out.


I am curious if anyone has any experience, guides, or advice on how I can send data to a service using a Java application. I intend for the data to be in XML format. I am also curious if I succeed at picking up the data in the service, how I send the data back to the Java application using an Operation.


As of now I am attempting to get this to work on a local environment.


Any input is appreciated,

Thank you,

Jess Farmer


Hi Jess,

I believe what you are talking about is Ensemble(Healthshare is built on top it). 

If you want to send anything to Ensemble/Healthshare production from JAVA or for that matter any other language, you would need to build a Webservice in that production. You can create both SOAP and REST web services in ensemble. This can be done using the system management portal or using cache studio.

For XML if you want to use SOAP, all you have to do is to create a service using HTTP SOAP adapter or create a class extending SOAP.WebService and then create a WSDL which your JAVA application can consume.

For sending data back to JAVA application, you would need a web service created in JAVA and import the WSDL into Cache to be used by the SOAP outbound adapter.

Hi Jess,

I am curious what your solution was for the Java incoming/outgoing setup.