Hi Oliver

Please contact Support. This needs reviewing your code and class structure. But it looks like you are amending/creating a huge collection of objects and writing it to disk at once. This might be causing issues with lock table (as well a table level lock).

Thank you.

Record map messages are objects, where as EnsLib.EDI.XML.Operation.FileOperation expects messages of type EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document (vdoc). There are 2 options for you:

1. Transform the record map batch message to XML. e.g call the XMLExportToStream which will convert the record map batch to XML into a stream, which can then be loaded to EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document (using ImportFrom stream methods). This vdoc message then be forward to your XML file operation.

2. Create a custom operation which can create XML from the recordmap batch and write it to a file.

Thank you.

Hi Tom

"None" might end up processing a file which is not completed yet. It really depends on the size of the file and how the source system/application creates the file too.  The FTP Adapter will start checking if the file is ready to process as soon as it sees it in the source folder. Size & Rename would be a safest setting for ConfirmComplete.

The SOAP operation is trying to send message to host "PKB_SOAP_Sender" (e.g check if you are using API SendRequestSync/SendRequestAsync ("PKB_SOAP_Sender",...) in your code) which is not a registered host or part of the production.

If it is possible write this stream to a file which can be processed by a RecordMap Batch File Service. Alternative is to write your own code to create the batch object from the stream (refer GetBatchObject method in EnsLib.RecordMap.Service.BatchStandard.cls)