· Oct 20, 2017

Define PoolSize as system default value

Hi all,

For special definition of the company, we need to define a PoolSize according to the environment that the "Ensemble" is working.

So the first try as been add the parameter into "System Default Setting"

However, this parameter is not available in "Setting default values" in Setting tab.

I've opened the code of my production and I've noted that this parameter is a attribute of the XML element of this item

<Item Name="MyHostName" Category="DBU" ClassName="MyClass.BO.UserREST" PoolSize="5" Enabled="true" Foreground="false" Comment="" LogTraceEvents="true" Schedule="">
    <Setting Target="Host" Name="FailureTimeout">15</Setting>
    <Setting Target="Adapter" Name="ResponseTimeout">60</Setting>
    <Setting Target="Adapter" Name="ConnectTimeout">30</Setting>
    <Setting Target="Adapter" Name="SSLCheckServerIdentity">0</Setting>
    <Setting Target="Host" Name="AlertOnError">1</Setting>


is there any way to parametrize this value according to the environment?


Best regards,

Francisco Lopez

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