· Apr 6, 2018
sql insert from cache

I am tasked with using CACHE to insert data retrieved from a CACHE data base and insert it into an sql database. The columns in the sql table that I am trying to insert data into have names that contain underscores such as "ACCESSION_DATE" I found a utility in CACHE to connect to the sql data base and perform inserts. I have the data I need to insert. I need to pass the data into the sql utility referencing the column names.

I tried using indirection to set the data into underscored variables, but that isn't allowed in cache object script.

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· Feb 9, 2018
SQL prepare error

I'm trying to learn how To use SQL in CACHE, so I hope I don't bore you with "Dumb" questions....

I'm getting "ERROR #6022: Gateway failed" message following this line of code.

s sc=gc.Prepare(hstmt,pQuery) 

This line of code comes from an example I found in the documentation. pQuery is the "Select" statement setting up the variables and tables I'm trying to pull information from.

What does that error indicate?

Thank you.

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· Jan 15, 2018
using sql link table wizard

I'm trying to create an sal connections from one cache system to another. I've created the connection part and I think that is working. When trying to link a table through the link table wizard, I'm getting an error "<MAXSTRING>zCreateOneLinkTable+52^%CSP.UI.SQL.LinkWizardResultPage1.

Is this due to my global block size in the new system not being large enough? It is currently set at 8192.

Thank you


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